Raymond 5000 Series Order Picker

Order picking has transformed into the demand of the day in various warehousing applications with the expanding demand of internet business. There is a need to move more products given limited time.

The 5000 Series order picker features exclusive ACR System™ which guarantees quicker and smoother operation with expanded travel and lifting speeds. It offers more uptime, with lesser battery changes and lower maintenance cost which passes on operation with minimal cost of ownership.

These new trucks can change in accordance to different warehouse conditions, load sizes and applications to improve your profitability with a maximum rated capacity of 1300kg.


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  • The Raymond’s advanced intellispeed™ system coordinates travel speeds and load height, providing faster travel between picks.
  • Great visibility with a clear view mast which provides large views of racks, loads and aisles.
  • Equipped with AC power with quicker acceleration and better control of load handling.
  • Eliminates jerky motion and lifting speeds increases by 26% compared to others.
  • Productivity is improved via auto locking pallet clamp. Works on a broad range of pallets which holds pallet stringers ranging from 1.25 in – 5 in.



  • Lower maintenance and parts costs as these trucks are fitted with non-brush and non-spring sets of AC motors.
  • Batteries last longer as AC motors have at least 10% higher operating efficiency than DC motors.
  • Multi-step thermal limiting promotes cooler running, and saves wear and tear on the drive motor.



  • Fully programmable to accommodate to operator’s skills level and other variables.
  • Low step height, thick, ergonomic floor pad and ergonomic control handle provides comfort to the operator.
  • Excellent visibility with panoramic view of racks, loads and aisle.
  • Increase in productivity and reduction in breakdown time can be achieved by the easy accessible operator displays.



  • Operator’s effectiveness and security is secured by feather-light flip up side gates and interlocks accessible.
  • Protective mast guard made of durable wire mesh provides clear view for travelling.
  • Damages to the trucks and load, injuries to the operators can be reduced by centering the drive tire at startup.