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Slide What it means for your business How Cara Helps Realtime Assistance Cara, pronounced Ka-rah, means “friend” and “care”. Cara is an easy-to-use app that provides e-services and friendly assistance for servicing, repairs or maintenance of your equipment. Secure Login Cara secures your data with a personalised login ID and password that is unique, so only you can access your equipment information. Quicker Response Cara cuts down on waiting time, enabling you to schedule appointments with technicians, troubleshoot and get your machine serviced or repaired much faster, compared to calling Customer Service. Cara gives you better rates and discounts on repairs along with after-sales benefits so you can focus on what matters – your business and customers. Save On Cost
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  • FREE Inspection worth more than RM150*
    *Terms & Conditions apply
  • SIGN UP for Service Contract
    + 8 normal services
    + 2 general services
    + FOC 2 normal services*

    *Genuine filters only
  • Additional 15% discount on total parts*
    *Excludes workmanship and applicable upon 1st repair after inspection using Cara
  • BUY 1 Get 1 FREE
    + 1 Free service*

    *Workmanship only (during warranty period)
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