Electric Powered Forklifts

Toyota 8FBE13-20

3-Wheeler Electric Forklift

Battery forklifts that are both versatile and functional, the Toyota 8FBE are a staple for excellent drivability improving the productivity and performance of your material handling operations. Compact and remarkable energy efficiency technology boosts operating time. This improvement will tip the scale towards a better supply chain and logistics.


  • High-efficiency new motors and motor drivers improve energy efficiency and have allowed the truck to increase operating time by 20%. (Comparison based on Toyota operating cycle 1.5 tonne same battery capacity).
  • Regeneration System helps to increase operating time by efficiently recovering the energy while driving.
  • Power Keep Function keeps load handling and travel performance as the battery charge gets low, allowing continuing efficient operation.
  • Power Select Function provides an optimal balance of performance and operating time.


  • Toyota 8FBE rated IPX4High Water Resistance allows user to optimize operation effective indoors and outdoors.
  • Robust body design of the Toyota 8FBE 3-Wheeler Forklift extended counterweight to reduce the risk of damage during turns.
  • Significant improvement in both travel and load handling performance from DC Motor to AC Motor to a level that approaches that of internal combustion forklifts.


  • Smooth load handling and travelling operation with small diameter steering wheel enhanced by full hydraulic power steering system.
  • Easy entry and exit with large assist grip, low step and foot-activated parking brake help reduce operator’s fatigue.
  • Easy visibility of digital display with back lighting to monitor unit performance and battery level.


  • Equipped with Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS), 8FBE 3-Wheeler forklift attains stable travel and smooth operation.
  • With SAS, possibility of tipping over is reduced greatly and helps to prevent load spills.
  • Operating Presence Sensing System helps to prevent accidental movement of the forklift and the forks when the operator is not at the seat of the machine.