S30 Mid-sized Ride-On Sweeper

Sweeping with the S30 increases productivity, and provides health and safety benefits. It is simple to operate and maintain, and helps to improve a facility’s image for both heavy and light dust applications.


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Reduce Cost to Clean

  • Optimized SweepMax®Plus dust control system offers higher customer productivity with less dust going to the filter resulting in less shake backs and more time spent sweeping.
  • Patented Perma-Filter™ keeps bulky debris and moisture from reaching the filter by removing up to 90% of particulates from the air stream.
  • Exclusive cyclonics dust control stage removes an additional 90% of dust particles from the air before reaching the filter for longer filter life.
  • No-Tool InstantAccess™ filter and cyclone access helps minimize maintenance time during simple machine checks.


Maintain Health & Safety

  • ThermoSentry™ heat sensor ensures safety by alerting operators to potential overheating hazards.
  • Standard headlights and taillights deliver maximum operator visibility and machine awareness, increasing employee and facility safety by turning white in reverse.
  • Optional Cabin is FOPS certified deliver with fan and heat to keep operators safe and comfortable year round in most climates.


Enhance Facility Image

  • Spline brush drive with deep 6.5” (165mm) brush engagement provides for sweeping in one-pass due to consistent brush pressure plus end-to-end brush rotation.
  • Consistently achieve great sweeping performance with exclusive, easy-to-set color-coded brush wear indicator to quickly set correct brush pressure.
  • High performance design delivers consistent indoor and outdoor cleaning results in even the toughest environments.


Easy Operation & Maintenance

  • Technician-friendly design delivers an easier and more efficient service experience and provides easy-to-access maintenance touch points.
  • “All-Levers-Forward” control layout delivers consistent sweeping results by simplifying operation for the most novice of operators.
  • Optional one-button worry-free operation starting all sweeping functions with one-touch activation.
  • Spacious cab-forward design provides comfortable ergonomics, helps reduce operator fatigue and provides excellent visibility.