Food & Beverage

VCE150A / VRE150

Very Narrow Aisle

A powerful material handling equipment designed for pallet handling and order picking at high racking systems up to 15000mm. Unique articulated steering system provides excellent manoeuvrability during aisle transfer and outside the aisle.


  • BT Optipace system ensures maximum performance and productivity by optimizing drive, lift speed height and load weight which contributes to smooth and confident operation.
  • AC power with generative braking allows a single battery change for two shifts operation which helps to increase the machine up time and productivity.
  • Load handling efficiency can be increased at all working heights with load and height sensing indicator.
  • Brushless AC motor reduced maintenance requirements and this can minimize machine down time.
  • Transitional Lift Control leads to a reduction in risk of load damage and associated costs by having smooth transitions between mast stages.


  • The high-power lift motors are designed to run cooler, further enhancing truck reliability.
  • Substantially increases the size of wheel, helps to reduce wear and improving the ride quality of the truck.
  • Electronic control of hydraulic functions is optimized for energy efficiency and smooth operation.
  • Articulated chassis design not only saves space but also reduces wear.


  • All aspects of the cab are adjustable to suit the operator.
  • Operator does not need to steer the truck in-aisle by installing wire or rail guidance systems.
  • All truck movements are fingertip-controlled which allows for fast and accurate handling.


  • Only PIN-code or authorized ID can start and operate the equipment.
  • The shape of the cab and overhead guard are optimized to protect the driver.
  • BT’s Totalview concept provides a low sloping console to give good driving visibility, and an excellent view through the overhead guard and mast.