Electric Reach Trucks

Toyota 8FBRE12-16S

Reach truck (Sit Down)

Some reach truck applications require a simple approach and a truck that is simply effective. The 8FBRE12-16S has been developed specifically for this type of operation – an easy to use, practical solution particularly suited to drivers that have many tasks to deal with during their working day. Capacity ranges from 1200kg – 1600kg with lifting height up to 8.5 metres.


  • Adjustable controls to fit all drivers and reduce strain on arms, wrists and shoulders.
  • Good visibility for the driver to ensure safe handling for both goods and other workers.
  • Integrated side shifts for fast and easy sideways adjustments without having to reposition the machine to retrieve the load.


  • Easy access to the machines electronic components makes maintenance and service easy to perform.
  • The hydraulics connectors are located underneath the battery and are easily reached when the battery is moved.
  • A truck designed with few components and connection points as well as the Quick connections enhances productivity and durability as leakage is minimized.
  • Information display indicates battery status, direction indicator, clock, error codes and service interval. In the service mode, the truck can be controlled, calibrated and diagnosed.
  • The battery is fitted on the support arms which makes changing and managing the battery an easy task. The charging outlet is easily reached beside the mast.


  • The instep is low (379mm) and has generous space for easy access.
  • Comfortable grip on front post to grab when entering.
  • The driver parameters can be programmed based on different driver requirements or skills such as steering sensitivity, top speed, Acceleration and Brake.
  • Up to 10 different driver profiles and 100 different PIN codes can be stored.
  • The parking brake applies automatically when leaving the 8FBRE.
  • For comfort, the floor is adjustable in three different heights: 450, 495, 540mm seat to floor.