Material Handling

Toyota 8FBP7-15

Electric Powered Order Picking Truck

The preferred choice for a new solution of order picking operations in narrow aisled warehouses is the advanced Toyota Technology 8FBP Series.

Compared to previous models, these trucks have proved to be more effective in providing long lasting operating hours even in narrow aisles warehouses. With 8FBP Series’ PF (Power Unit Forward), the convenience of the order picking operations is increased. Fork Forward (FF) is also available.

The carrying capacity of these trucks varies from a minimum of 700kg to a maximum capacity of 1500kg and at a maximum picking height up to 6000mm.

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  • The low height of hood with the PF Type (Power Unit Forward Type) achieves a wide view to the front during travel. It accommodates well for unobstructed operations.
  • Long operating time and high efficiency operation could be achieved with the AC Control.
  • Through Pre-Auto Stop and Auto Pallet Clamp, excellent work efficiency and more controlled operations can be achieved as forks stop before the pallet touches the floor. This prevents the pallets from falling off and also reduces damage to the product.
  • The Automatic Vehicle-Speed Control helps control the truck’s speed according to the lift height. This ensures good stability and efficiency.
  • The accelerator grips allow a firmer hold and the load handling thumb lever provides easy one-hand operation.
  • The smaller diameter steering wheel minimizes operator fatigue and significantly improves productivity.
  • Guide wheels provide easier steering for the operators.


  • The AC Power System enables precise control and removes the need for brush replacement which translates to lower maintenance cost.
  • When the truck is at a low battery-charge level, over-discharging warnings are displayed which will then cause the load handling performance to be limited.


  • When working on slopes, the anti-rollback feature provides good operations as the truck descends at a constant speed when the accelerator is released on a graded area.
  • To avoid the use of unauthorized personnel, a programmable PIN-code entry system could be fitted as an option. The system allows the truck’s performance to be custom-made for each operator.
  • The markers at the centre and corners aid operators to gauge trucks’ width.