Toyota 8FBN15-30

4-Wheeler Electric Forklift

Toyota 8 Series Battery Forklift emerges better than ever with zero emission performance, high energy efficiency that promises longer operating duration, exceptional safety features for users and delivering excellent power. With a range of lifting capacity, the 8FB Series can be customized to suit your material handling needs and at the same time make you one step closer to zero carbon footprint.


  • Toyota 8FB Series achieves a longer operating duration from maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing energy loss.
  • An all-new pedal-stroke detection regenerative brake system allows the 8FB to improve the efficiency of energy recovery thereby increasing operating times.
  • More efficient motors and controllers and a new AC power system has resulted in an approximate 5% improvement in operating times.


  • The 8 series is built with a tough frame with thick plates to increase strength.
  • Secured operation under rainy condition by IPX4 (protection from splashed water).
  • Repositioned of AC driver controller reduces the chance of controller damage during battery exchange.


  • With a small steering wheel and large open-step, it helps to reduce the operator’s fatigue.
  • Outstanding visibility to fork tips reduces strain to the neck and increases safety and productivity.


  • Equipped with a high-mount rear axle, the 8FB Series Forklifts can achieve superior stability.
  • Operating Presence Sensing System helps to prevent accidental movement of the forklift.
  • Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS) optional to the customer allows better turn speed control when lifting at height.
  • The Anti-Rollback feature helps to ensure operation on slopes.
  • The Emergency Power Shut-Down button switches off all power sources if this button is pressed.