Stand-On Scrubber

Clean large facilities with tight corners and obstructed spaces quickly and easily with the manoeuvrable T350 Stand-On Scrubber and enjoy category-leading productivity rates.  


  • Reduce operational costs for cleaning.
  • Increase productivity with category-leading cleaning productivity of more than 30,000 square feet (2,795 square meters) per hour.
  • Take advantage of the T350’s optimal down pressure, fast brush speeds and large-capacity solution and recovery tanks to clean effectively with fewer dump-fill cycles.
  • Maximize uptime with a durable design, easy-to-access mechanicals, and readily available TennantTrue®parts and consumables.
  • Assist operators with preventative maintenance and streamline their training with yellow maintenance touch points.
  • Simplify training and obtain optimal results when you choose the T350 Pro-Panel™ with on-board maintenance videos.
  • Use programmable Zone Settings to reduce set-up time for operators and clean more consistently.


  • Protect the health and safety of your operators, customers and the environment with the Tennant innovations on this ergonomically designed stand-on machine.
  • Ensure operator comfort and control with ergonomics designed for a stand-on machine with easy-to-use machine controls.
  • Minimize the risk of slip-and-fall accidents with the optimised water recovery system.
  • Increase operator comfort by managing machine speed via a speed dial on the console.
  • Remove and maintain cleaning pads and brushes with less effort with the T350’s Insta-ClickTM magnetic cleaning head.


  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Clean a variety of hard floor surfaces consistently, even in obstructed spaces, with the efficient and manoeuvrable T350 Stand-On Scrubber.
  • Ensure consistent results with programmable Zone-Settings that reduce dependence on operator set-up for different surfaces and areas.
  • Incorporate daytime cleaning with Quiet-Mode™ operation that reduces machine noise levels to as low as 59.7 dBA.
  • Clean a variety of floor surfaces, including textured and grouted floors, with excellent down pressure and multiple cleaning pad and brush choices.
  • Minimize secondary cleaning operations on tougher soils like heavy oils by dispensing detergent on demand with the optional Severe Environment™ switch.