Cleaning Professional


Walk-Behind Scrubber

Clean virtually any hard surface, including porous stone, grout, and finished concrete with the Tennant 300e High Performance Walk-Behind Scrubbers. Keep every area of your facility clean and well-maintained with an affordable, battery-powered, walk-behind floor scrubber designed for versatility. ​


  • Optimal down pressure and RPM improves cleaning performance, helping to lower your labour costs.
  • Yellow touch points help prevent breakdowns and simplifies preventative maintenance and training requirements.


  • Optimal down pressure and RPM improves cleaning performance, reducing the amount of water required to clean.


  • Flow control valve reduces the risk of contact with dirty recovery water and decreases the need for secondary cleaning operations caused from spills.


  • Ensure quiet daytime cleaning with a vacuum motor that allows the Tennant T300E scrubbers to clean as low as 57.9 dBA.
  • Squeegee design helps ensure dirt and soils are removed from the floor for minimum risk of slip-and-fall accidents and enables faster, easier installation of replacement TennantTrue® squeegee blades.
  • Easy fill port makes filling the unit simpler, faster, and reduces the chance of spills. The integrated hose clip keeps the hose in place allowing the operator to work on other tasks during the filling process.
  • Battery venting with onboard charger fan and integrated venting allows the batteries to be charged safely with the lid closed (optional).