Compact Ride-On Sweeper

Providing big productivity and versatility in a compact, battery-powered ride-on sweeper, the S16 delivers exceptional sweeping performance across a variety of surfaces and debris types. Achieve impressive dust control with a multi-stage filtration system and maintain air quality with fume-free operation.


  • Reduce operational costs for cleaning.
  • Lower your cost of ownership with versatile cleaning performance and quality construction.
  • Minimize the need for multiple passes with excellent sweeping and edge cleaning performance.
  • Increase productivity with a wider sweeping pass when you choose an optional second sweeping side brush.
  • Lower your labour costs by eliminating the need to manually handle swept debris with a powered high dump.
  • Maximize productivity with a wide sweep path and a large hopper capacity.
  • Capture fibres at maximum efficiency with the FiberShield™ lint screen.
  • Prevent damage when sweeping on carpeted surfaces with non-marking skirts.


  • Get health and safety benefits for operators, employees and customers with the S16’s innovative features.
  • Help maintain indoor air quality with a multi-stage filtration system and a powerful filter shaker that contain dust generated during the sweeping process.
  • Keep your environment safe with a fume-free cleaning process.
  • Spend more time cleaning with a timed shaker that effectively cleans the filter and ensures optimal dust control with fewer shake-backs.
  • Improve safety and get effective operation in the most severe environments with an optional FOPS certified overhead guard.


  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Maximize uptime and ease of maintenance with the S16’s intuitive controls and maintenance features.
  • Simplify operation and quickly start cleaning with the large green 1-StepTM start button, which automatically remembers and engages the most recent machine settings.
  • Reduce fatigue and increase operator safety and visibility with an operator-forward design.
  • Simplify preventative maintenance with easy-to-identify yellow touch points.
  • Reduce time spend on maintenance with no-tool access to all common maintenance items
  • Get convenient cleaning off aisle and in tight spaces with an available dry vacuum wand.