Industrial Walk-Behind Sweeper

S10 Industrial Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper is a heavy duty, battery-powered walk-behind sweeper that cleans harsh industrial environments.


  • Increase cleaning run time with one of the largest hoppers in any walk-behind floor sweeper by holding up to 150 lb / 68 kg of debris.
  • Two large, powerful batteries enable up to three continuous hours of cleaning to improve productivity.
  • Wrap-around bumper reduces repair costs by protecting your machine and facility.


  • Keep your facility always looking great with a versatile design that enables you to efficiently clean open and congested spaces.
  • Large 34 in / 860 mm sweeping path enables you to quickly clean large areas to improve your facility’s image.


  • Deliver consistent sweeping results with variable forward and reverse motions that provide excellent manoeuvrability with this easy-to-operate and maintain sweeper.
  • Ergonomic handle, height adjustable enhances operator comfort and control is designed for maximum control and easy operation.
  • Powerful and reliable propelling motor makes sweeping fast and easy in the harshest industrial environments.
  • Mechanical filter shaker is automatically timed for simple maintenance.
  • On-board charger plugs into standard outlet to make charging easy and accessible.


  • Dust filtration system increases safety and protects employees and facilities from potentially harmful dust by capturing particles down to 3 microns at 99%
  • Wrap-around bumper improves safety and protects the sweeper and your environment from damage.
  • Two large, powerful batteries operate fume free for enhanced safety and long running performance.