Electric Reach Trucks

Raymond 7000 Series-R45TT

Reach Truck

The Raymond 7000 Series Reach-fork trucks are engineered to get more done with less. They deliver Eco-Performance through the ACR SystemTM which provides quick acceleration and smoother directional changes – allowing operators to stay productive.

Intuitive ergonomics make them easy to drive, offering clear vision, precise control, and smooth handling for the ultimate in operator comfort. With an innovative suspension system, the 7000 Series Reach-Fork trucks deliver superior load stability at greater heights while providing operators with a smooth ride.


  • The ACR System provides smoother direction changes for more efficient load handling and movement in storage aisles.
  • Intuitive controls provide a smoother ride and precision load handling capabilities for quicker cycle times.
  • Visibility leads to increased productivity and operator confidence, fewer errors and less product rack and facility damage.
  • With the ACR System, Raymond Reach trucks uses less energy, lowering energy costs and CO2 emission.
  • Regenerative braking.


  • Simultaneous function of the Single Axis Control Handle provides discrete, intuitively mapped controls that are easily learned.
  • Low entry step height helps operators avoid unnecessary climbing for easier entry into compartment.
  • Operator display provides well positioned, readable feedback to the operator with real-time data for increased confidence and efficiency. Programmable performance and active maintenance are also included.


  • Cold Storage Model.
  • Deep Reach/Double Deep model.


  • With a 15.5” open view, operators can clearly see the base legs, load and rack. This provides more control and precise handling of pallets and load transports. The operator can look up with ease in higher applications.