Toyota Reach Truck

Optimise time, money and resources 

Run smoother operations and more efficient warehousing and logistics via autopilot vehicles with automation capabilities that give you greater control and flexibility.   

Autopilot vehicles are designed to automate repetitive pallet handling and existing manual processes. These vehicles can be utilized for various material handling applications such as pallet transport, block stacking, mixed pallet handling, high level storage, towing and handovers. 

Each vehicle is equipped with intelligent order and fleet software that minimizes transport distance and avoids clustering thereby optimizing workflow efficiency. State-of-the-art safety scanners for obstacle detection ensure safe working environments alongside crew. Highly accurate navigation and detection systems prevent damage to goods, infrastructure and trucks thus decreasing service costs. By assigning repetitive tasks to trucks, staff will be better aligned to manage more complex duties. 

Take advantage and grow your business further with autopilot solutions. 

RAE160/200/250Features & Uses

Reach forklift for indoor use only

Automated Warehouse Truck

  • Standard reach forklift design
  • Fully integrated navigation
  • Advanced safety system


  • Larger operations with multiple autopilots
  • Integration with WMS or ERP Systems


  • High reach automation solution
  • Automatic handling of loads carried by pallets or roll cages
  • Stacking and lifting, up to 10000mm maximum height


  • Aviation 
  • Construction 
  • Distribution
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Transportation & Freight
  • Warehouse & Logistics
  • Paper & Publishing
  • Retail


  • Autopilot vehicles are equipped with multiple navigation functions – laser, natural, reflector and dual navigation for secured guidance within environments. 
  • On-vehicle sensors and cameras enable optimal load handling with load detection and positioning verification, lifting above 5 metres, and load identification via barcode scanning (optional add-on feature).


Automatic Charging

  • Fully automated solution with energy efficient lithium ion charging that doesn’t require extra battery space or maintenance and balancing is automatic.
  • Fast-charging in 1 hour and vehicle can be operated up to 8 hours on a single charge.
  • Lithium-ion life span is 3X longer (5000-8000 cycles) compared to lead acid (2500-3000 cycles).

Battery Management

  • Fully charged vehicles are ready to perform anytime with 3 simple methods of automated charging: fallback charging (when battery is low at 30%), scheduled charging (weekly to maintain battery level) and opportunity charging (whenever vehicle is not in use). 


  • Vehicles are equipped with status and alarms on the dashboard panel.
  • Auto components are easily accessible with power switches.
  • Operators can switch between automatic and manual mode by activating manual steer unit.


  • Sensors and scanners: located at the base and fork carriage, this safety system enables the vehicle to slow down or stop completely, scan for above floor level obstacle and alert with warning sounds. 
  • Obstacle detection: on-vehicle scanners can detect different obstacles at various angles to avoid collision. 
  • Optional features
  • Mechanical bumpers: located at the fork tips, these bumpers are pressure-activated to stop the autopilot vehicle immediately.
  • Warning lights: can be activated in noisy environments or when the autopilot vehicle is approaching corners.