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Integrated Rider Sweeper-Scrubber

The M20 improves productivity by delivering exceptional sweeping and scrubbing performance, and provides health and safety benefits. It is easy to operate and maintain, and quickly enhances your facility’s image by cleaning in a single pass – wet or dry.


  • FloorSmart® integrated cleaning system technology improves productivity by combining sweeping and scrubbing functions, reducing the need for multiple machines.
  • Innovative ec-H2O™ technology reduces costs associated with chemical purchases and reduces water use.
  • Optional scrubbing side brush increases productivity by expanding your cleaning path up to 54 in / 1,370 mm.
  • Heavy-duty wraparound steel bumper and optional rear squeegee guard help protect your asset from damage upon impact.
  • Heavy-gauge steel frame and corrosion-resistant Duramer™ body construction extend machine life.


  • MaxPro²™ hydraulic technology provides consistent power to the brush drive motors regardless of floor surface changes.
  • Excellent sweeping, scrubbing, water recovery, and edge-cleaning provide a total floor clean.
  • Leave a clean path with Dura-Track™ parabolic squeegee that provides exceptional water pickup.
  • Optional high-powered pressure washer allows for easy blast-cleaning of hard-to-reach areas.
  • Cushioned corner rollers help protect your facility and machine from damage.


  • Touch-n-Go™ control module featuring 1-Step™ start button reduces training and simplifies operation.
  • Optional Pro-Panel™ touch screen control module simplifies operation and maintenance with a high-visibility screen, intuitive controls and operator videos.
  • Solution and recovery tanks allow for complete visible inspection and cleanout.
  • Easy-to-identify yellow maintenance touch points and no-tool squeegee and brush access simplify maintenance.
  • Optional spray hose makes machine spray-down and cleanup quick and easy.


  • High-capacity, multi-level hydraulic rear hopper (3.9 ft³ / 110 L) eliminates the need to manually handle debris.
  • PerformanceView™ on the optional Pro-Panel™ allows operators to view their cleaning path without having to turn around in seat, promoting safe operation.
  • Open sightlines, spacious operator compartment, and full front shroud ensure operator safety and comfort.
  • Optional overhead guard protects the operator from falling objects and debris.
  • Wet / dry synthetic fibre panel filter helps maintain air quality by delivering exceptional dust control during both wet and dry sweeping.