Battery-Powered Rider Sweeper-Scrubber

Reduce the need for multiple pass cleaning with the versatile M17 battery-powered sweeper-scrubber. The M17 delivers exceptional sweeping and scrubbing performance, and it provides health and safety benefits. The M17 sweeper-scrubber is easy to operate and maintain, and quickly improves your facility’s image.


  • Excellent scrubbing, sweeping, water recovery and edge cleaning performance reduces the need for multiple machines.
  • Innovative ec-H2O™ technology reduces costs associated with chemical purchases and reduces water use.
  • Optional scrubbing side brush increases productivity by providing a 20% wider scrub path.
  • Optional Pro-Panel™ touch screen control module with Pro-ID™ operator login and supervisor settings prevent misuse and protects your investment.
  • Powered high dump of swept debris eliminates the need to manually handle debris when dumping, helping to lower your labour costs.


  • Leave a clean path and reduce streaking with unique rear swinging squeegee that provides uniform suction for exceptional water pickup.
  • Standard dual sweeping side brushes ensure the entire scrub path is swept, protecting the squeegee from debris and reducing streaking.
  • Zone Settings™ on the Pro-Panel™ take the guesswork out of cleaning and help ensure consistent performance.
  • DFS™ (Dual Force Sweeping) technology effectively captures large and small debris in a single pass.
  • QA Controls® allow the supervisor to lock in machine settings, reducing operator errors which can produce poor results.
  • ec-H2O™ equipped with the Severe Environment™ switch allows users to benefit from detergent-free cleaning and access on-board chemicals as needed.


  • Intuitive controls and maintenance features help maximize uptime and ease of maintenance.
  • Touch-n-Go™ control module with 1-Step™ button allows easy access to all settings without removing hands from the steering wheel.
  • Optional Pro-Panel™ touch screen control module simplifies operation and maintenance with a high-visibility screen, intuitive controls and operator videos.
  • Easy-to-identify yellow touch points help simplify preventative maintenance.
  • Easy, no-tool access to all squeegees, brushes and filters helps reduce time spent on maintenance.
  • Optional spray nozzle provides quick and easy recovery tank cleanout. 


  • ec-H2O™ technology reduces the risk of slip and fall injuries by maintaining high-traction floor surfaces and reduces chemical handling.
  • PerformanceView™ on the optional Pro-Panel™ allows operators to view the scrubbed path without having to turn around in seat, promoting safe operation.
  • Two-stage dust control featuring the ShakeMax™ filter shaker improves air quality by containing dust generated during the sweeping process.
  • Fume-free cleaning performance helps to maintain a safe environment.
  • Ensure operator safety and comfort with improved sightlines, spacious cab-forward design and full front operator foot and leg protection.
  • Pro-Check™ pre-operation checklists featured on the optional Pro-Panel™ help ensure a good start on cleaning operation.