Material Handling

BT Tyro LHE150

Powered Pallet Truck

The LHE150 is the perfect entry model for light electric pallet truck applications. It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as horizontal transport, loading or unloading and order picking. Its compact design is perfect for light applications in confined areas such as retails, shops, stores, supermarkets, warehouses, and factories.

Capacity of the truck is 1500kg and it is equipped with li-ion technology for energy efficiency. It is ideal for use where space is limited, and travel distances are relatively short. It combines the features of a powered pallet truck with the flexibility of a hand pallet truck.


  • The butterfly switch and user-friendly buttons make it easy to be manoeuvred in confined areas.
  • Quick and easy charging with long-life maintenance-free lithium-ion battery ensures high productivity.


  • The hood is made of durable material that withstands rough environments.
  • All hydraulic connections are quick-connection type, therefore minimizing the risk of oil leakage.


  • Turtle speed mode feature enables the truck to travel at creep speed with tiller arm in upright position for manoevrability in confined areas.
  • Its dimensions are similar to the hand pallet truck body, making it possible to turn inside a lorry.


  • The tiller arm is equipped with safety button that changes drive direction; when pushed it increases driver safety as the risk of getting caught between obstacle and machine is reduced.
  • PIN codes access prevents unauthorized use of truck and it can be programmed to suit any driver’s skill level or
  • The truck does not roll back when starting at an inclined position.
  • Castor wheels turn within the profile of the truck ensuring there is no risk of foot injuries or damaged goods.
  • The emergency switch button is located at an easy-to-reach position and when pushed, it cuts off the motor thus stopping the truck immediately.