Material Handling

BT Staxio SWE120L/200L

Electric Powered Stacker

The BT Staxio Electric Powered Stacker is designed with a wide choice of mast, fork, and battery configurations for all applications such as loading and unloading, order picking and general pallet transport. This truck is designed and built to be durable, reliable, and easy to use in various operations.

Capacity ranges from 1200kg to 2000kg with speed up to 6km/h. Elevating support arms makes it suitable for stacking in warehouses, distribution centres and industries where higher lift heights and heavier weights are required.


  • Ergonomic and intuitive control buttons always enable smooth and progressive control which contribute to more efficient operations.
  • Compact size of trucks is suitable for enable in confined areas.
  • BT Total view design concept provides excellent view of forks from operating position to have accurate placement when positioning at height thus ensuring high productivity.


  • Comes with AC drive motor with fewer wearing parts.
  • Programmable performance of trucks to suit different applications and driver’s skill level.
  • Permanently mounted drive motor which reduces wear on cables.
  • Fork carriage with linear lifting which is a stable design for high durability.
  • Strong forks for intense applications.
  • Sealed connectors, non-contact switches, leak-free hydraulic connectors and CAN-Bus wiring add up to maximum durability and reliability.


  • Ergonomic tiller arm provides easy control and excellent fork-tip visibility besides keeping the user a safe distance from the truck.
  • Click-2-Creep feature enables the truck to travel at creep speed with tiller arm in upright position to be manoeuvred in confined areas.
  • Sensilift provides fingertips control for easy and accurate placement.


  • Rounded skirt balances safety with manoeuvrability.
  • Truck does not roll back when starting in an inclination.
  • Cut-off button and handle safety button act as emergency controls to prevent operator from being trapped in between of obstacle and truck.
  • Chassis designed for high safety where act is no risk of foot injuries or damaged goods.
  • Acceleration and braking characteristics can be programmed to match individual preferences.