BT Staxio SPE120/200

Electric Powered Stacker

The BT Staxio Pedestrian Stacker Truck is ideally suited for high performance applications such as horizontal transport, dock loading and cross-docking. Each BT Staxio truck is fast, smooth, and stable in all conditions with drive speed up to 8km/h and lifting height up to 6 metres.


  • Flip-down platform enabling the trucks to be steered through the tightest situations which adds to maximum manoeuvrability.
  • Acceleration and maximum travel speed are virtually unaffected by load weight.
  • All trucks are built in small size suitable for usage in confined areas.
  • On-board fault diagnosis and easy access to internal parts helps to maximise uptime.
  • The BT Powertrak gives optimum wheel pressure for every load situation which provides excellent stability with both light and heavy loads.
  • Low energy consumption and regenerative braking feature can achieve more work cycles per battery charge than many other powered stackers.


  • Easy and quick maintenance.
  • Permanently mounted drive motor which reduces wear on cables.
  • Fork carriage with linear lifting which is a stable design for high durability.
  • Truck performance is fully programmable to suit the application.
  • The total number of components in the BT Powerdrive system has been significantly reduced in relation to conventional electric trucks, leading to greater reliability and efficiency.
  • All bushings on the SPE models are constructed from bronze, with lubrication points, for a long and reliable life.


  • Manual steering tiller arm is optimised to reduce steering force offering an excellent manoeuvrability of the machines.
  • Click-2-Creep feature enables the truck to travel at creep speed with tiller arm in upright position to be manoeuvred in confined areas.
  • Lifting speed on all BT Staxio models can be precisely controlled using the intuitively designed rocker switch on the truck handle which allows faster work cycles.
  • BT’s Powertrak chassis ensures that the downforce applied to the drive wheel is proportional to the load on the forks, for optimum traction.
  • Smooth, powerful performance is assured in all operating conditions, due to the combination of the motor and the switchless control system.


  • PIN codes access prevents unauthorised use of truck and can be programmed to suit driver’s skills level and applications.
  • Truck does no roll back when starting in an inclination.
  • A large emergency button is located at the tip of the handle for easy access when emergency happens.
  • All models feature skirting that offers full protection to the feet.
  • The lifting movement stops as soon as the switch is released, and this reduces the risk of error and drives down costs.