Electric Reach Trucks

BT Reflex RRE140H-250H

Battery Reach truck

The BT Reflex RRE140-250H offers a complete range of models with capacities ranging from 1.4 – 2.5 tonnes, each with class leading performance. All trucks in the ranging feature an advanced transitional lift control system which achieves high-speed and completely smooth lifting and lowering, significantly increasing productivity with faster work cycles while maintaining safety in operation.


  • Powerful AC drive motor of 9KW allows the reach truck to move at high travel. speed for enhanced productivity (Standard travel speed of 11km/h).
  • Simultaneous use of lift/lower and reach functions to facilitate high efficiency and overall handling speed.
  • Cold room version available.


  • Steering servo module with brushless permanent magnet motor and integrated electronics provides high reliability and reduced maintenance cost.
  • Sealed boxes protect electronic cards from dust.
  • Contactless sensors without internal moving parts reduce the risk of component wear and tear failure.
  • Like all Toyota trucks, BT Reflex reach trucks are built according to the Toyota Production System, assuring the highest levels of quality, durability and reliability.


  • Compartment interior covered with textile, cushions or panels provides a comfortable working environment for the driver.
  • Elbow cushion to provide support for the driver’s arm which reduces strain on driver’s neck, arms, and shoulders.
  • Ergonomically designed operating console.
  • Tilting cabin version available.


  • Oval shape with opening for the overhead guard support, rear visibility window and low slopping front console giving an excellent visibility manoeuvring.
  • Optimised chassis profile and fully protective overhead guard in high strength steel protects the driver from falling objects.
  • Direction indicator continuously displays current direction of travel.