Material Handling

BT Levio LSE200

Stand-On Lowlifter Truck

The BT Levio LSE200 is intended for medium to high intensity application where there is often a need to travel long distances. It is suitable to be used in distribution centres, warehouses, and industries. The capacity of the truck is 2000kg with travel speed of 8-10.5km/h is ideal for loading or unloading and horizontal transport applications.


  • Truck comes in narrow and robust chassis ideal for working in limited space.
  • Rounded corners provide good manoeuvrability during operation.
  • Lifting height of 235mm is suitable for roll containers and standard pallets.


  • High ground clearance is ideal for working in ramp applications.
  • Adjustable BT Control console for flexible driving solutions for comfort and safety.
  • Adjustable back cushion for operator’s comfort to maintain high output.


  • Stand-in operator position inside truck profile ensures maximum safety for operator.
  • Studs placed outside the castor wheels to increase safety without influencing the floor clearance.