BT Levio LPE200/220/250

Platform Lowlifter Truck

The BT Levio Platform Lowlifter Truck is ideally suited for high performance applications such as horizontal transport, dock loading and cross-docking. The truck is designed with a robust chassis, durable and fast to improve productivity in your operations. Capacity ranges from 2000kg to 2500kg with speed from 6km/h to 12.5km/h.


  • Wide model range to suit different customer needs.
  • High performance truck with high speed and acceleration which means more efficient operations.
  • All trucks are built in small size suitable for usage in confined areas.
  • The small dimensions of truck provide excellent view of forks that makes it easier to correctly pick up the pallets to ensure high productivity.
  • The BT Powertrak gives optimum wheel pressure for every load situation which provides excellent stability with both light and heavy loads.
  • Cold store drive unit available as option.


  • Comes with AC drive motor with no carbon brushes.
  • Easy and quick maintenance.
  • Permanently mounted drive motor which reduces wear on cables.
  • Fork carriage with linear lifting which is a stable design for high durability.
  • Strong forks for intense applications.
  • BT Powertrak suspension with linear movement comes with fewer moving parts that gives it an excellent precise performance and exceptionally high durability.
  • High-tech Xenoy covers which is high resistant to damage and protects the internal components of the truck.


  • Manual steering tiller arm is optimised to reduce steering force offering an excellent manoeuvrability of the machines.
  • Click-2-Creep feature enables the truck to travel at creep speed with tiller arm in upright position to be manoeuvred in confined areas.
  • The one touch foldable gates offer good support and protection to the driver while enabling pedestrian usage of the truck for tight applications.
  • Optimised Truck Performance feature ensures controlled speed during turning for extra safety.


  • PIN codes access prevents unauthorised use of truck and can be programmed to suit driver’s skills level and applications.
  • Truck does not roll back when starting in an inclination.
  • Speed and acceleration are lowered with walking driver to reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Chassis designed for are high safety where there is no risk of foot injuries or damages goods.
  • Driver protected by wide range of options: Foldable Side Gate, Fixed Backrest and Fixed Side Protection.