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Industrial Ride-On Sweeper

800 Industrial Ride-On Sweeper is the largest, most powerful machine in its class. With its wide cleaning path, quad filtering system and heavy-duty steel construction, it delivers consistent cleaning performance in the most demanding industrial and manufacturing environment.  


  • Large capacity, multi-level hopper (30 ft / 9 m) improves productivity by reducing the frequency of dumping.
  • Maximize cleaning productivity with the sweeper’s wide cleaning path, large capacity hopper, and operator-friendly features.
  • Withstands harsh environments with heavy-duty steel construction and high performance dust containment.
  • Rear bumpers minimise damage to sweeper to protect your investment.
  • Durable stainless steel hopper bottom prolongs machine life when cleaning in harsh environments.


  • Reduce visible, air-born dust with the quad filtering systems which includes debris deflector, Perma filter, lint trap and twin cylinder filters to enhance facility cleanliness.
  • High performance design delivers consistent indoor and outdoor cleaning results in even the toughest environments.


  • Simplify maintenance with easy-access brush and filter changes.
  • Spacious cab provides a controlled and comfortable environment for the operator.


  • Deluxe suspension operator seat, power steering and tilt steering wheel increase operator comfort.
  • ThermoSentry™ heat sensor ensures safety by alerting operators to potential overheating hazards.
  • Support with T-beam superstructure to protect the rider and machine.
  • Bend-resistant steel back wheel bracket and optional heavy-duty tower bumpers to increase safety.