Compact Ride-On Sweeper

6100 Compact ride-on sweeper is a manoeuvrable battery-powered ride-on sweeper that quietly captures dust and debris in a single pass.


  • Reduce operational costs for cleaning.
  • Improve productivity by capturing dust and debris with efficient one-pass sweeping.
  • Get virtually continuous operation on a variety of floor surfaces thanks to quality engineering and fume-free battery power.
  • Reduce filter cleaning time with patented VCS® vibrating filter shaker that keeps filter pleats free of clogs.
  • Maintain peak sweeping performance with AutoAdjust™ brush cavity that automatically adjusts as bristles shorten matching brush height to brush wear.


  • Increase cleaning run time with solid steel frame, and no-tool brush changes keep the reliable 6100 up and running.
  • Rear bumper and corner roller reduces repair costs by protecting your machine and facility.


  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Simplify training and operation with intuitive, easy-to-use controls.
  • Reduce maintenance and ensure zero hopper corrosion with a Duramer™ roto-moulded plastic hopper.
  • Move easily though most doorways, congested spaces, and on / off elevators with the Tennant 6100 sweeper’s small, manoeuvrable
  • Minimize maintenance with no-tool brush and filter changes.


  • Quietly clean and capture light dust and debris efficiently in one pass with this battery-powered ride-on sweeper.
  • Slow dusty airflow and stop heavier dust and moisture from reaching the panel filter with Perma Filter™ thus increases safety and protects employees and facilities from potentially harmful dust.