BT Optio OSE250/ OSE250P

Low Level Order Picker

This model of low level order picker are flexible and intended to suit high intense use in the present day. These low-level order pickers are perfect for fast moving goods and promote ultimate productivity. These trucks are easy to drive with optional platform lift, elevation of load, and semi-automated operation.

With the raising platform and lifting forks capabilities, it gives better ergonomic to operators. The load capacity ranges from 1200kg up to a maximum 2500kg. P-version with elevating platform is suitable for picking goods up to 2600mm height.


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  • Designed for a fast drive up to 12km/hr with a maximum lifting limit of 1200kg.
  • High lifting limit lessens number of picking rounds which implies more effective picking.
  • Equipped with electronic braking mechanism that empowers expanded braking comfort and enhances trucks safety and brake wear.
  • Fork length ranges from 1000 – 2900mm makes it flexible and suitable to be used in numerous applications.



  • E-man steering permits customizable sideways and gives better ergonomics to the operator when driving in the fork direction.
  • Lowering button on the floor allows operator to lower down the platform when both hands are occupied.



  • Has access control which permits only approved operators to ride on.
  • The operator is fully protected when driving as E-man steering ensures operator’s body is within the truck profile.
  • Automatic speed reduction is designed to ensure people, infrastructure and load are safe.
  • Low instep height which gives a more secure stepping on and off.



  • The AC power system reduces wear and tear, including regenerative motor braking, which eliminates the need for friction service brakes.
  • Quick and accurate fault diagnosis facility which gives long service intervals.
  • Made up by a powerful and solid material which keeps truck away from harm and secures internal capacity.