Toyota 4CBT(Y) / CBT(Y)

Electric Compact Towing Tractor

Forklifts are commonly used in various logistics situations, however it is not the best choice for handling, picking or long distance transportation of a wide variety of items in bulk or lot unit. The Toyota compact towing tractors CBT4/6 (sit-down type) and CBTY 4(stand-up type) enables easy long distance transportation of large quantities of materials and provide operator-friendly, superior manoeuvrability and operability, are your powerful material-handling partners in horizontal transportation.


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  • Compact body & 3 wheel platform contributes small turning radius, which enables smooth travel in limited space. Turning radius of 1775mm for CBT4/6 & Turning radius of 1600mm for CBTY 4.
  • Powerful drive motor which provides 2.6kw power. CBT4 & CBTY4 travels at maximum speed of 9km/h at 2 ton towing load.
  • Heavy duty steel frame construction
  • Smooth acceleration & improved battery & improved battery efficiency by transistor control system.
  • Drive motor mounted transversely to provide excellent power & gradeability.



  • Wide step opening allows operator to enter and exit with ease.
  • Vertically adjustable sliding seat and optimal hip-point height improve operator comfort
  • Rear-drawbar lever type allows operator to easily disconnect the towing trolley while seated (Optional for CBT4/6 only)
  • Rear cargo crack allows operators to securely place packages.

Ease of Use

  • Battery roll out for easy battery replacement (Standard for CBTY4 & optional for CBT4 & 6)
  • Full open hood for easy battery check (CBT4/6); with damper that holds the hood open for easy maintenance.
  • Simplistic instrument panel and easy driving systems allows operators to drive the towing tractors with ease