BT Hand Pallet Truck

BT Hand Pallet Truck is the universal hand pallet truck, suitable for moving loads in all types of applications. Lifting capacity of this hand pallet truck is 2300kg and suitable for customers with high pallets movement daily.


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BT Pro Lifter Hand Pallet Truck

This is a unique option for heavy duty applications where the BT Pro Lifter assists in getting the truck started by transferring the force from the pump stroke to the wheel. It helps to reduce strain on arms, shoulders and back as the force to get it started reduces.


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BT Lifter Hand Pallet Truck with Scale

The BT Hand Pallet Truck with scale is a mobile high precision weighing truck. It is developed for industrial application and is protected against water, dust and shocks. This is suitable for application such as order picking, piece counting, checking of incoming goods and preventing overloads.


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BT Lifter Ultra Low Hand Pallet Truck

The BT Lifter Ultra Low is with a lowered fork height of just 35mm (lift height 135mm); designed for load carriers with very low pallet tunnels. Lifting capacity of this hand pallet truck is 750kg and equipped with Quick Lift function where forks can reach the pallet with the first stroke and lift with the second.


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BT Pro Lifter Motorized Hand Pallet Truck

This motorized hand pallet truck is designed to eliminate the strain from pulling and pushing heavy load. This 1000kg capacity hand pallet truck is ergonomic to be used as there is no strain on arms, shoulder and back.


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BT High Lifter

The BT High Lifter allows ergonomic handling of goods. The ergonomically working height which is fully adjustable makes it ideal for distribution, sorting operations or in a production environment.
Maximum lift capacity is 1000kg with a maximum lift height of 810mm.

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BT Lifter Galvanized

The BT Lifter Galvanized Hand Pallet Truck is a cost effective alternative to use in corrosive environment, cold room or clean room applications. Designed for use in cold surroundings, BT Lifter Galvanized Hand Pallet Truck is equipped with BT high quality standard pump.


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BT Lifter Stainless

All components in stainless steel or other non-corroding materials improve reliability and long life. All surface are glass blasted, giving it a smooth surface and ensuring easy cleaning.


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