T7 Micro Ride-On Scrubber

The T7 Micro Ride-On Scrubber makes scrubbing large and small floor areas easy. Add innovative ec-H2O NanoClean® or FaST® scrubbing technologies to help reduce water and detergent use.​


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Reduce Cost to Clean

  • Optional ec-H2O NanoClean® delivers cost savings and productivity gains by using less water, which means less empty-fill cycles, significant chemical and labor cost savings, and simplified operation and maintenance.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-understand controls are designed to simplify training and reduce re-work.
  • Optional on-board charger eliminates the need to transport machines to a dedicated charging location.
  • Low operating noise enables energy-saving daytime cleaning.


Maintain Health & Safety

  • Automatic braking and parking brake actuation reduce the chance of accidents.
  • Optimal water recovery – even in 180 degree turns – minimizes the risk of slip and fall injuries.
  • Ergonomic design makes cleaning with the T7 more comfortable for your staff.
  • Easy-to-clean Hygenic® solution and recovery tanks reduce mold and bacteria that can grow in enclosed tanks


Enhance Facility Image

  • Innovative squeegee design provides outstanding solution recovery for streak-free floors.
  • Self-adjusting splash skirt reduces scrub deck overspray on fixtures, walls and baseboards.
  • Exclusive QA Controls™ system lets you lock-in consistent, repeatable cleaning results to keep facilities looking great.
  • Clear sight lines enable operators to focus solely on their cleaning and improve scrubbing effectiveness.


Easy Operation & Maintenance

  • Hassle-free squeegee system simplifies maintenance with a squeegee that never needs adjustment.
  • Easy-to-clean Hygenic® solution and recovery tanks save time and simplify maintenance.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-understand controls simplify training and reduce re-work.
  • Convenient size allows the T7 to fit into elevators, doorways and other tight spaces, maximizing uses.
  • Increase ease of use with the new Insta-Fit™ Brush Adapter, which reduces the time and effort required to replace or change disk brushes.
  • Maintain sparkling floors and remove the guesswork from brush maintenance with a built in brush wear indicator.