BT Optio OME100H

High Level Order Picker

The BT Optio H-series picks another standard in high level order picking. The truck provides the most efficient order picking in its class with its’ compact design, and permits maximum operational adaptability.

The BT Optio H-series offers synchronous drive and lift activity for expanded productivity; the picking will be smoother and easier which is suitable for intense narrow aisled warehouses for applications such as spare parts storage and manufacturing. The load limit of up to 1000kg and picking height up to 12100mm, our high level order pickers set new performance heights.

For safety, productivity and driveability the truck is furnished with BT Optiopace, improving speed as indicated by lift height and truck load.

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  • Easier picking and practices quick work cycles as it goes at 12km/h and able to accomplish 45% faster lifting and lowering.
  • Regeneration of energy amid braking and switchback when the accelerator is released provides a longer operating hour.
  • Convenient battery changing for multi-shifts operations.
  • The BT Optipace system screens truck load and lift height, streamlining speed as it needs to, while fingertip control takes into consideration the maximum accuracy.



  • BT Optipace system controls the speed of the truck when working in narrow aisled, giving the most noteworthy safe drive speed considering the load weight and operating height.
  • Fully programmable elements which suit operator abilities level. Travel speed, acceleration and deceleration rates, lifting and lowering can be customized.
  • Electronic power steering ensures smooth and accurate operation.
  • Operator console can be easily adjusted which gives the operator thechoice to either drive in either fork or tractor direction.



  • PIN Codes system prevents utilization of unauthorized personnel.
  • Automatic deceleration system which decreases shock and harm to the operators when working at inclined positions.
  • Operator is protected inside the truck as the truck remains immobile until the operator places both hands on the controls and is standing inside the truck.
  • When operating outside the aisle, steering sign with discretionary cautioning signals will keep the operator alert.
  • Clear-view mast and overhead guard offer greater views of loads and aisles and thus decreases the risk of accidents.



  • Powered by AC driven motor which cooperates with heavy duty gearbox.
  • Electronics components are sealed to secure the segments which guarantees long working life and high quality.
  • Fast access for maintenance and history fault log further increases productivity.